When I first created this page, I was on a search to find a commonality among various religions. I visited several different places of worship. I tried to lay low and blend in, even though it was obvious I wasn’t a regular at some of these locations. I wasn’t looking to convert my beliefs or “switch teams.” I just wanted to see people among their community of believers. After several months of different experiences, I decided there was definitely a tie that binds us. No matter whether people were worshipping God or Jesus, Buddah or Allah, Brahma or Mother Earth, there was in fact a common thread–LOVE. Love is the commonality and it is definitely the tie that binds us. Hence my site, “Love is the common thread” was born. The web address serves as a reminder to me that no matter what people believe (or don’t believe), love is the best quality of humanity.

To be honest, I’m just a kid (trapped in an almost 50-year-old body) who likes to write stories but doesn’t commit the time to writing that I should. (This is evident in the years between my posts!)

I have learned that when I give God the glory for this writing gift that He has given me, I am abundantly blessed and reminded that this is what I have been called to do.

However, I have also learned that it’s so much fun to write and speak about things that are somewhat immature and oftentimes totally inappropriate. So therein lies my conundrum. The struggle is real, people!

Therefore, I will continue to write for God, for fun, and for love; but I will not quit my day job just yet. 😁

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day! Love you!! ♥

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” –Benjamin Franklin